Disney Plus Watch Party

is now available on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox

How to Watch Disney Plus Watch Party Together with Friends Online

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Disney Plus has introduced GroupWatch, enabling its users to stream shows, series, and movies with friends. Along with this, it also enables its users to use SharePlay; if they are Apple device users. Moreover, are you looking forward to starting a Disney Plus Watch Party on Disney Plus? Then, don’t forget to use its Disney Plus Group Watch feature, which is now available in the market worldwide. 

Besides, at the same time, the Disney Plus Party or Watch Party Disney Plus lets its users watch videos consistently. And even let them playback videos by rewinding, pausing, and fast-forwarding them. Consequently, your whole group can watch those videos at Disney Plus Watch Party. If you don’t know how to enable these settings at your Disney Watch Party, follow the below guidelines. 

But remember, the Disney Plus Group Watch service in the Disney Party is currently available in the US. Therefore, here you have instructions to let you watch this Disney Plus Group Watch from the US. Furthermore, people with iPhones or iPad can stream Disney+ with their buddies using SharePlay. Now, without wasting a moment, let’s check how all these functions occur in the downward information. 

How to do a Watch Party on Disney Plus? 

Before you start, whoever you want to invite to your Disney Plus Watch Party must be already signed up for the streaming service. Plus, you must also be logged in to the device they are operating simultaneously. Moreover, there’s a requirement to pay the amount of $7.99 monthly/ $79.99 annually in order to sign up on the Disney+ website. Once you are done with this, do follow the below point to proceed further: 

1. Begin by launching the Disney+ website or mobile app. And select the movie/series you want to watch, then click on the group icon. 

2. After reaching the GroupWatch page, click on the plus icon to invite people to your Disney Plus Party.  

3. Remember, to invite people to your watch party, copy the link and send it to people you want to enter your Watch Party Disney Plus. 

4. Remember, it allows you to invite up to six different people to your Disney Plus Watch Party at once. 

5. Once all members have joined the same GroupWatch page, click on the ‘Start Stream’ option. 

6. Keep in mind that the GroupWatch can only be launched via the Disney+ website or the mobile app. 

7. It even allows you to switch to a smart TV or a streaming device by clicking on the group icon. But only when, once, you are in the Disney Plus streaming group. 

How to use GroupWatch on Disney Plus From the US? 

Using the VPN can prove to be extremely beneficial for you in accessing. Especially if you are located in a country that doesn’t offer GroupWatch. If you don’t know, VPNs(virtual private networks) allow you to change your IP addresses. Consequently, you can browse the internet, even if you’re in another country. Compared to other available VPN options in the market, we highly recommend using NordVPN and ExpressVPN services only. Being a citizen of the US, if you are not able to access Disney+ GroupWatch, follow the below steps to resolve this problem: 

1. Primarily, connect to your US-based server on your VPN service. 

2. Next, launch Disney+ and sign in via your US-based account credentials. 

3. Consequently, you will be able to access a different country’s version of Disney Plus. In which you will find the GroupWatch feature as well. 

How to Chat via Disney Plus Group Watch?  

After being a Disney Plus Watch Party user, you must know that Disney+ doesn’t offer a built-in chat service besides a GroupWatch feature. But you must know that using it lets its viewers react to the streaming content. Along with six different emojis on Disney Plus Watch Party. Moreover, if you want to chat freely or start an audio/video chat, you must use third-party software. 

And to do so, it offers a number of options such as Google Meet, Discord, Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, etc. Furthermore, being a PC user, you can do it simply by launching it on the browser. And also by running it alongside the streaming video. Last but not least, if you are a smart user, you can access it using the Disney+ app version.

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